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The first RIZZARDI factory was opened in Milan in 1933. Right from the start we were known for specialization in metals treatment for machine tools.
Right after the war, when we’d reorganized our production, we set up a research facility to seek out new technologies, thus carrying on what was already the specialist tradition.
Out of this came our new technique: a coating process using powdered metals and special alloys that can be used on any material. This development put us in front.
Our application was to show itself to be ever more widely used and essential.
In 1966 our founder Umberto Rizzardi, whose sons had in the meantime joined him in the business and are now fully in charge of the company, was awarded the most sought-after recognition of the Italian Chamber of Commerce: the gold medal.

Today RIZZARDI can boast of one of the highest levels of specialization in the field of coatings of hard and semi-hard metals, especially for the metal wire working field. To be able to respond to growing demand we opened a second factory in Brescia in 1974.
The evolution of drawing machines is more and more in need of highly technological specialized materials in order to satisfy the wire production requirement. The capstan is one item of particular importance because is always the subject of various “tribologiche” solicitation (abrasion,adhesion,corrosion,  fatigue etc.).
RIZZARDI set up his own study and exsperience specifically on this component applying specific material coatings that further to a high wear resistance offer a uniform structure of the contact areas.

The correct friction coefficient allows a correct number of wraps on the pulling capstan thus eliminating typical problems such as crossover. These studies and researches are always  conducted in collaboration with customers that are highly specialized in the production of metallic wire that can directly verify the good result of our coatings.
RIZZARDI technological research also includes other fields where extreme solicitations  are the cause of wearing problems of a great entity. Production lines continuos technological  in renovation, control instruments of maximum precision as well as highly specialized personnel allow RIZZARDI to guarantee accuracy and  expert judgment in every phase of the process.